3 People Dead, Several Injured After Tornado Rips Through Missouri’s Capital

At least three people are dead and several more were wounded after severe weather struck Jefferson City, Missouri overnight.

At least three people are dead and several wounded after a tornado swept through Missouri’s capital destroying homes and buildings in its path.

The tornado ripped through Jefferson City damaging infrastructure over a three-mile area shortly before midnight on Wednesday.

According to Missouri Public Safety, there were at least three people killed in the Golden City area and first responders rescued another 20 people amid the severe weather.  

The severe weather has ripped through parts of the Midwest threatening dangerous conditions this week in states like Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson weighed in on the destruction saying, “Across the state, Missouri’s first responders once again responded quickly and with strong coordination as much of the state dealt with extremely dangerous conditions.”

Governor Parson also took to twitter to thank first responders and other heroes involved in helping those affected by the devastating weather.  

The weather service received nearly two dozen tornado reports, though it has clarified some could be reports of the same tornado.

Though there were no immediate reports of missing people, authorities in the area are expected “to make door-to-door-checks on Thursday.”

Experts have warned as the severe weather moves east Pittsburg and Baltimore could be in the crosshairs of dangerous weather conditions on Thursday.

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