AG William Barr Reaffirms Use of Word ‘Spying’ Over Russia Probe

Despite leftist backlash, Attorney General William Barr reaffirms his use of the word "spying" in connection with the Russia probe.

Attorney General William Barr reaffirms his decision to use the word “spying” when referring to surveillance of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election cycle.

Barr made the remarks during an interview on CBS which aired Friday saying, “I think here’s nothing wrong with spying. The question is always whether it’s authorized by law.”

Barr continued to defend his use of the word saying, ““It’s a perfectly good English word. I’ll continue to use it.” 

The attorney general went on to say a series of questions remain regarding the legality of how the counterintelligence probe began.

Just last week, President Trump authorized Barr to declassify documents in connection with the Russia probe.

The directive also ordered various national intelligence agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Pentagon, and the director of National Intelligence to “promptly provide such assistance and information as the attorney general may request in connection with that review.”  

His remarks come just weeks after reports surfaced he tapped the top Connecticut prosecutor to investigate the roots of the Russia probe.

President Trump has reportedly called for investigation of the investigators since the Russia probe concluded, over questions related to the clear anti-Trump bias at the Obama-era Department of Justice

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