Dem Rep. Suggests Jail or Fines for Trump Officials Defying Subpoenas

Texas Representative Lloyd Doggett suggests putting Trump officials behind bars or fining them for defying congressional subpoenas.

Democratic Representative Lloyd Doggett suggests jailing or fining Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig for defying congressional subpoenas in an effort to access the Trump tax returns.

The Texas lawmaker made the suggestion Tuesday saying leftist lawmakers should enact “inherent contempt” against Trump officials who do not comply with subpoenas.

The strategy has reportedly not been used since the 1930’s, but if used officials targeted would be arrested and held until they provide information requested under the subpoena.

Representative Doggett said Congress needs to take action to gain access to the documents saying, “No legal advice that will stop the lawlessness and lies of this administration.”

Mnuchin has repeatedly pushed back against leftist calls for the president’s tax returns suggesting there is no reason lawmakers need access to them.  

Despite past trends, political candidates do not have to release their tax returns.

Doggett went on to slam former White House counsel Don McGahn and Attorney General William Barr for also ignoring subpoenas.

His remarks come just one day after McGahn refused to show up for testimony before lawmakers on Capitol Hill at President Trump’s direction.

Democratic lawmakers previously subpoenaed Barr for the unredacted Mueller report, though the Department of Justice has denied the request.

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