GOP Senators Vow to Stop Possible Impeachment Against POTUS

Senate Republicans vow to halt impeachment proceedings against President Trump as the Democrats continue to call for his ousting.

Senate Republicans vow to stop impeachment proceedings if Democrats in the lower chamber initiate articles of impeachment targeting President Trump.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will have broad authority to dictate how the proceedings play out as long as he is backed by his Republican counterparts.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has since weighed in on the possibility saying, “It would be quickly disposed of,” especially if it is based on the findings of the Russia probe.

Texas Senator John Cornyn also weighed in saying if the lower chamber embarks upon articles of impeachment the decision would lead to “nothing.”

GOP lawmakers in the upper chamber have also vowed to give the possible impeachment trial the minimum air-time possible.

To convict President Trump the move would need a two-thirds majority which is unlikely due to the GOP-majority.

To even bring in witnesses Democrats would need the support of four Republican lawmakers to break with partisan lines.

Republicans hold 53 seats in the Senate, and Vice President Pence would cast the tie-breaking vote if needed.

Despite the embellished Democratic-backed narrative glorifying impeachment, recent polls suggest a majority of Americans do not support the move.

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