Iran: No Fear of War with U.S. Amid Mounting Tension

Iranian officials claim they have no fear of war with the U.S. as bilateral tension between Tehran and Washington reaches an all-time high.

Iran declares it does has no fear of war with the United States claiming the U.S. has not grown in power as bilateral tension continues to mount.

The spokesperson for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard made the remarks Tuesday saying, “The enemy is not more powerful than before.”

Meanwhile, an Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson said the nation does not see “prospect of negotiations” with the United States.

The Iranian official made the remark during a press conference Tuesday according to a Reuters report.

This comes after the U.S. deployed a bomber task force and aircraft carrier strike group to counter Iranian aggression in the region.

Although Iran has slammed the move, the president and other officials claim the decision is necessary to counter Iran and its proxies within the Middle East.

President Trump has repeatedly warned the Islamic Republic against its threatening behavior targeting the U.S. saying it will suffer if it chooses otherwise.

During a press conference in Japan earlier this week, President Trump reiterated he is not opposed to opening a line of communication between the U.S. and Iran.  

The president did clarify he is concerned about nuclear proliferation, and he does not seek regime change in the Islamic Republic.

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