Poll: 56% Of Americans Approve Of Trump Economy

A majority of Americans approve of the current, ongoing economic boom that is the Trump economy, according to a poll released by CNN.

The findings were released Thursday and suggest 56% of Americans approve of President Trump involvement in the economy.

The data also showed only 41% of those surveyed did not approve of the president’s handling of the economy.

Half of those surveyed indicated they believe the president has done a good job fulfilling promises he has made since beginning his campaign back in 2015.

The findings also showed over 40% of those surveyed agree with how President Trump has dealt with immigration overall.

This comes just days after the Commerce Department released data indicating a 3.2% economic growth rate during the first quarter this year.

The poll was conducted earlier this month, surveyed over 1,000 American adults, and has a margin of error of 3.8%.

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