Poll: Four in Ten Americans Favor Socialism

New data indicates four in ten Americans favor some form of socialism, according to a new poll.

The Roper/Fortune poll was conducted back in April and shows the number of Americans who embrace the ideology has spiked almost 20% since 1942.

The data showed only 51% of those surveyed do not think socialism is a good thing, and only 6% did not have an opinion on the matter.

Of those surveyed, 17% of Americans associate socialism with government control and around 25% associate the ideology with social equality.

The same findings also indicated 15% less of Americans believe countries around the world would operate under a democratic government.

One in four of those surveyed indicated the American economy operates with under a mixed economy both with free market principles and government control.

This comes as a growing number of Democratic presidential hopefuls continue to embrace the ideology in an effort to resonate with younger voters.

The poll was conducted late last month and surveyed over 1,000 adults from all over the country.

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