Pres. Trump Not Disturbed by North Korea Missile Testing

Despite concern from advisers and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, President Trump clarified he is not disturbed by North Korea's recent missile testing.

President Trump clarifies he is not “disturbed” by North Korea’s recent missile testing despite some worrying about the decision and its repercussions.

The president made the remarks Monday while visiting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe saying some of his people were disturbed by the move but he was not.

President Trump also mentioned the North Korean regime is focused on creating economic growth and not interstate conflict.

The president continued by saying he is confident “good things” will come from the rogue regime and is hopeful moving forward.

President Trump also mentioned “there have been no nuclear tests” and hopes to reach a deal with North Korea “someday.”

Abe weighed in on the testing saying they are violations of the United Nations security council resolutions and Japan feels threatened because it is so close to North Korea.

This comes after National Security Adviser John Bolton voiced his concern surrounding the recent missile tests saying the decision violated UN resolutions.

President Trump has met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un twice during his presidency and has emphasized he remains optimistic for bilateral cooperation moving forward.

Although denuclearization talks between the two nations remain at a standstill, Pyongyang has clarified the U.S. has a few months to rewrite terms of a potential deal.  

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