Pres. Trump Slams Democrats for “Getting Nothing Done” in Congress

The president blasts Democrats for "getting nothing done" in Congress as they continue to push for oversight and investigation.

President Trump blasts the left for continued investigations saying the Democrats are “getting nothing done in Congress.”

The president made the remarks via twitter Monday saying, “They only want a do-over on Mueller!”

President Trump continued to slam Democrats for their ongoing impeachment demands citing the recent economic boom and the “best jobs numbers ever.”

The president also mentioned his widespread efforts to take care of American veterans and rebuild the military while also calling the Democrats “obstructionists.”

His remarks come just days after he canceled an infrastructure meeting with the Democrats shortly after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused him of engaging in a “cover-up.”

Pelosi made the remarks following a meeting with her caucus last week saying it is “important to follow the facts,” and “no one is above the law,” referring to President Trump.

Shortly after Pelosi made the accusation, President Trump shot back he does not engage in “cover-ups” during a press gaggle at the Rose Garden.

Meanwhile, tension between Democrats and the Department of Justice continues to mount as leftist lawmakers continue to issue subpoenas to obtain the president’s personal financial records and the unredacted Mueller report.

The White House has vowed to fight the subpoenas targeting current and former officials, saying lawmakers have no viable basis for issuing them.

Attorney General William Barr has refused to release the unredacted Mueller report as House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler supports holding him in contempt.

Despite the left’s push to investigate, President Trump has emphasized he and his officials have been transparent and cooperative during the entirety of the Russia probe.

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