Pres. Trump to Make “Biggest Statement So Far on Border” by Friday

While talking to reports Thursday, President Trump says he will make his "biggest statement so far on the border" by Friday.

President Trump announces he will soon make his “biggest statement so far on the border” and plans to so something “very dramatic,” though he confirmed he will not be closing it.

The president made the remarks while speaking to reporters Thursday saying the announcement is likely to come within the next day.

President Trump continued by saying the Democrats will not cooperate in regard to border security since they prefer to have open borders.

The president went on to say the Democrats want crime, drugs, and human trafficking pouring through the southern border.

He clarified the issue at hand remains a national emergency, but the Democrats will not work with him to protect American borders or fix the issue.

His remarks come just one day after more than 1,000 migrants were reportedly apprehended at the southern border near El Paso, Texas.

Reports claim 1,036 people illegally crossed the U.S. border making it the largest group ever recorded.

The migrants’ countries of origin included Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, and a majority of them were traveling in family units.

The previous record was under 450 people, which refers to an encounter with Border Patrol just last month.

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