Report: FBI Increasingly Focused on Domestic Terror Threats

A new report suggests although the FBI is still focused on defeating international terror threats, domestic terror is also becoming a key focus.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is supposedly shifting its terrorism focus to domestic terror threats, according to a new Reuters report.

Reuters released the report Thursday citing the internet as a key player in radicalizing extremists around the world.

The official who spoke to Reuters clarified defeating terrorism is the “FBI’s number one priority,” saying the agency partners with local law enforcement to mitigate potential threats.

The official went on to say the internet is a central culprit of self-radicalization as people all over the world use it as a tool to recruit militants.

The FBI has arrested 66 people in connection with domestic terrorism since the beginning of October.

On the other hand, only 63 people have been arrested in connection with international terror since the current fiscal year began.

Domestic terror cases include racially motivated, anti-government, and politically motivated attacks.

Although international terror remains a top priority for the bureau, domestic terror-related cases have also become a critical priority in recent years.

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