Saudi Arabia: Drones Involved in Oil Tanker Attack

Saudi Arabia says drones were involved in the attack against its oil pipelines over the weekend, calling the incident an “act of terrorism.”

The Saudi Arabian Energy Minister made the announcement Tuesday saying the acts of “sabotage” compromise global security and the international economy.

The Saudi official continued by saying it is imperative it confronts the Iran-aligned Houthi rebels in Yemen, who claimed responsibility for the attack.

According to the same official, Houthi rebels targeted a petroleum pumping station running from its Eastern Province to the Yanbu Port igniting flames which officials were able to put out.

Reports claim two other pumping stations near the capital were also targeted by attacks simultaneously.

The spokesperson for the Houthi rebels spoke to the Associated Press saying “This is a message to Saudi Arabia, stop your aggression.”

The announcement comes as bilateral tension heightens between the U.S. and Iran over the Islamic Republic’s aggression in the region and abroad.

Reports surfaced Monday American officials have determined Iran or its proxies were likely behind the attack.

The U.S. announced just days ago an aircraft carrier strike group and a series of B-52 bombers would be deployed to the region as tension continues to mount.

President Trump continues to warn the Islamic Republic against its growing aggression, saying “it’s going to be a bad problem” for the nation if something happens.

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