U.S. Identifies 6 Total Service Members from Remains from North Korea

The Pentagon announced 6 total American service members had officially been identified from the boxes of remains North Korea handed over last year.

The United States identified six total service members from remains delivered from North Korea just last year.

The Pentagon made the announcement Tuesday saying four families had been notified of the identification and two more families were still pending.

Earlier this month the U.S. Defense POW/MIA Account Agency (DPAA) said it will not continue efforts to obtain the remains of more service members since it had not spoken with North Korea since the last bilateral summit yielded no agreement.

Both President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un committed to recover the remains of American service members from the Korean War during the first bilateral summit in June last year.

North Korea turned over 55 boxes of American remains from the Korean War last July amid lessening bilateral tension.

The North Koreans handed over the remains to commemorate the anniversary of the 1953 armistice which effectively ceased fighting on the Korean peninsula.

Experts continue to analyze remains at a secure military location in Hawaii in an effort to identify the rest of the remains from the 55 total boxes.

The last bilateral summit was in Vietnam back in February, and although it yielded no agreement, President Trump continues to tout the relationship he has cultivated with Kim and is optimistic to reach a deal in the future.

Reports claim 5,300 service members remain missing from the Korean War.

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