WH Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Suggests Dems Have ‘Come to Jesus Moment’

The White House issues a suggestion to Democratic lawmakers saying they should focus on legislating instead of oversight and investigation.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders suggests the Democrats should have a “come to Jesus moment” as a growing number of lawmakers push to begin impeachment proceedings.

Sanders made the suggestion while speaking to reporters on Wednesday saying there are no grounds for impeachment and it’s a “terrible idea.”

She continued by saying President Trump is committed and focused on doing his job despite the Democrats increased focus on oversight and investigation.

Sanders suggested the Democrats should also focus on doing their jobs including securing the southern border and approving the USMCA trade deal.

Reports claim around 25 Democrats are on record supporting impeachment of the president.

House Speaker Pelosi reportedly called for a “special caucus meeting” set for Wednesday which was supposedly scheduled to discuss impeachment and other issues.  

Speaker Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer are slated to meet with President Trump Wednesday to discuss infrastructure funding.   

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