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Mike Pompeo Travels to India to Strengthen Bilateral Ties Before G-20

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Indian officials Wednesday to discuss issues like trade and security before the G-20 Summit in Japan.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo travels to India for a three-day visit to enhance bilateral ties on issues surrounding trade, economic interdependence, and security.

Pompeo met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the foreign minister, and other Indian officials on Wednesday touting the nations’ “strategic partnership.”

Despite having close ties with India, Pompeo made it clear the U.S. seeks larger access to Indian markets just over one week after it imposed retaliatory tariffs on American walnuts and almonds.

Following Pompeo’s meeting with Indian officials, he praised Indian leadership for making the decision to cease oil imports from Iran as tensions between the U.S. and the Islamic Republic continue to mount.

Pompeo went on to ensure the Indians the U.S. will do what is necessary to alleviate the economic repercussions from the decision, while asserting Iran is the “biggest state sponsor of terror.”

The secretary of state also mentioned both the U.S. and India condemn acts of terror and remain committed to achieving peace in Afghanistan.

After Pompeo’s visit with the foreign minister, his Indian counterpart emphasized India believes in zero tolerance for transnational terror.

Pompeo’s visit to India comes immediately after he made a surprise visit to Afghanistan and the United Arab Emirates to discuss countering Iranian aggression in the region and abroad.

The secretary of state is expected to travel to Japan after India to attend the G-20 Summit in Osaka with President Trump.

The president is expected to meet with Prime Minister Modi during his visit to Osaka to likely discuss India’s plans to purchase a Russian air defense system and trade.


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