POTUS Says “Always a Chance” for War With Iran, Open to Talks

Amid escalating tension between the U.S. and Iran, President Trump said there is "always a chance" for war but would rather hold bilateral talks.

President Trump warns there is “always a chance” for war with Iran as bilateral tension between Washington and Tehran continues to mount.

The president made the remarks Wednesday on “Good Morning Britain” saying although there is “always a chance,” he would rather speak to Iranian leaders instead.

President Trump’s remarks come just weeks after the U.S. announced it would deploy 1,500 troops to the region to counter escalating Iranian aggression.

Despite this announcement, the president has clarified he does not seek to ignite regime change in the nation.

Over the weekend, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani mentioned he may be willing to hold talks with the U.S., but would not be pressured or forced into doing so.

Just weeks ago, reports surfaced the Iranians or their proxies may have been planning an attack on Americans or U.S. allies, and as a result the State Department ordered all non-emergency personnel to leave the U.S. embassy and consulate in Iraq.

The U.S. also deployed a carrier strike group and bomber task force in response to the “troubling indications” of a potential attack.

The president has previously warned against the Islamic Republic’s growing aggression in the region and abroad saying it would “suffer greatly” if it initiated any sort of attack targeting the U.S. or its allies.

He even went as far to say if the U.S. and the Islamic Republic went to war, it would be the end of Iran in its entirety.

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