WH Would Veto House Border Bill Over Concerns About Dem Provisions

The White House released a statement Monday saying the president would veto the House border bill if passed over concerns surrounding Democratic provisions.

The White House threatens to veto a $4.5 House billion border bill over concerns surrounding certain Democratic-backed provisions and a lack of detention center funding.

The Trump administration released a statement late Monday warning the president would veto the House bill if it passes both chambers.

The statement read, “The House majority has put forward a partisan bill that underfunds necessary accounts and seeks to take advantage of the current crisis by inserting policy provisions that would make our country less safe.”

The provisions under fire include stipulations which would withhold funding from detention centers at the border as many continue to house people at three times capacity.

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar weighed in on the border crisis on Fox News Monday night saying, “We have a humanitarian crisis at our border. We’ve got families and kids flooding across our border in unprecedented numbers.”

He went on to call the situation at the border “troubling” while noting that shelters across the border are at max capacity and additional funding is needed to alleviate the crisis.

This comes as Democrats continue to push for protections for migrant children crossing the border despite the push for provisions which could ultimately limit funding for holding centers.

There has also been growing concern over child deaths at the border as many Border Patrol stations remain starved of funding and resources.

The upper chamber is working on its own version of the bill, though the timeline regarding votes and a compromise is unclear.

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