Iran May Be Open to Talks With U.S. if Sanctions are Lifted

Iran may be open to talks with the United States if sanctions targeting Tehran are lifted, according to the Islamic Republic's foreign minister.

Iran may be open to holding negotiations with the U.S. if it lifts sanctions targeting Tehran, according to the Islamic Republic’s foreign minister.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif made the remarks during an interview on Monday saying, “Once those sanctions are lifted, then … the room for negotiation is wide open.”

Zarif continued by slamming President Trump while saying the U.S. is the one that “left the bargaining table” likely referring to the 2015 nuclear deal.

The foreign minister also suggested Iran does not aim to produce nuclear weapons saying, “Had we been interested in developing nuclear weapons, we would have been able to do it long time ago.”

His remarks come as tension between Washington and Tehran remain at an all-time high over Iran’s efforts to surpass uranium stockpile and uranium enrichment guidelines set in place by the 2015 accord.

President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the nuclear deal last year citing it as horribly negotiated and terribly flawed.

Since the American withdrawal, Iran has met with the deal’s European signatories to try to salvage the accord amid U.S. sanctions.

Zarif’s interview comes just about one month after Iran shot down an American drone reportedly located over the Strait of Hormuz, prompting an immediate response from Washington.

President Trump reportedly scrapped a counter response just minutes before it was expected to take place, citing the possibility of loss of life as the deterrent.

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