Calif. Becomes First State to Offer Health Care to Illegal Immigrants

California became the first state to offer health care to illegal immigrants under the age of 25 after the governor signed the bill into law on Tuesday.

California becomes the first state to allow illegal immigrants eligibility to receive full health care benefits at the expense of the state’s taxpayers.

Governor Gavin Newsom signed the bill into law on Tuesday expanding the Medicaid program to migrants 25 years old and younger.

The law grants them health benefits if their income is at a low enough threshold to qualify and is expected to cost the state $98 million.

According to officials, the new law is likely to expand health care to 90,000 people living in the state’s communities.

The state of California already offers health care to minors including those who reside in the United States illegally.

President Trump has blasted Newsom in the past for what he says are guidelines which favor illegal immigrants over the state’s residents.

Earlier this month, President Trump slammed California officials saying the state doesn’t “treat their people as well as they treat illegal immigrants.”

The president continued by calling the precedent “unfair” and suggested it may take an election for the GOP to reclaim the House before it can be stopped.  

Meanwhile, the governor objected to lawmakers’ proposals outlining a broader plan to include coverage for older individuals citing the steep price tag.

Newsom and other California officials have made it clear they hope to expand benefits to more illegal immigrants living in the state over the age of 25 at some point in the future.

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