China Threatens to Cut Ties with U.S. Firms Over Arms Deal with Taiwan

The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced Monday the nation will cut ties with U.S. businesses over the arms deal reached with Taiwan.

China says it will cut ties with any American businesses selling arms to Taiwan in the latest spat between Beijing and Washington.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry made the announcement Monday saying, “China’s government and Chinese companies will not cooperate or have commercial contacts with these U.S. companies.”

The foreign ministry spokesperson went on to say the move threatens Chinese sovereignty and remains a breach of international law.

Just last week, Beijing threatened to sanction American companies participating in the arms deal after the Pentagon announced the sale.

The Pentagon approved the arms sale last week involving Abrams tanks, Stinger missiles, and other military equipment.

U.S.-Taiwanese relations have always been a hot topic with China since Beijing claims the island as part of its own.

The latest tension comes as Washington and Beijing continue to negotiate a trade deal to thaw ongoing tension over tariffs and the trade deficit.

Chinese economic growth dwindled to its lowest spike since 1992, according to data released on Monday.

Officials are beginning to restart trade talks in an effort to reach an agreement both sides will agree to.

Although ties between the U.S. and Taiwan are unofficial, the United States is Taiwan’s primary arms supplier.

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