Iran Reportedly Surpasses Limit on Low-Enriched Uranium

Iranian media reported Monday the Islamic Republic has surpassed the cap on low-enriched uranium as stipulated by the 2015 nuclear accord.

Iran claims it has surpassed its cap on low-enriched uranium (LEU) outlined in the 2015 Iran Deal, as tension between the Islamic Republic and the United States continues to mount.

Iranian media reported the announcement on Monday, shortly after it threatened to do so if certain stipulations were not met by late last month.

Iranian officials warned in June if certain terms associated with the 2015 nuclear accord were not salvaged by a certain point it would quickly engineer LEU to surpass the limit set by the deal.

Despite having reportedly surpassed the cap, officials at the United Nations reported in May Iran was still in the legal bounds of its LEU.

The nuclear accord allots the Islamic Republic 660 pounds of LEU and its supporters say despite its imperfect terms, it could be useful in rolling back the timeline for Iran to be able to produce a nuclear weapon.

Iran, in the past, has made it clear if the deal’s European signatories allow it access to banking sectors it would continue to abide by the terms.

President Trump withdrew from the deal last year citing its imperfect stipulations regarding Iran’s nuclear program.

Since the American withdrawal, the European signatories have attempted to salvage the deal as the Iranian economy continues to struggle with U.S. sanctions.

The deal’s critics claim it was poorly negotiated and suggest it is faulty because it does not address nuclear testing or address Iranian proxies in the region.

President Trump and members in his cabinet have clarified they do not seek war with Iran but have clarified they are willing to begin a dialogue with the nation.

In recent weeks, tension has spiked significantly after multiple instances, one of which included Iranian forces shooting down an American drone.   

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