POTUS Expected to Announce Executive Action on Citizenship Question

President Trump is expected to announce executive action Thursday to pave the way for including the citizenship question on the 2020 census.

President Trump is expected to announce an executive order to pave the way for the citizenship question to be included on the 2020 census.

The president made the announcement via twitter on Thursday saying the press conference would take place from the Rose Garden on Thursday.

The tweet read, “Would I have become President without Social Media? Yes (probably)! At its conclusion, we will all go to the beautiful Rose Garden for a News Conference on the Census and Citizenship.”

President Trump has made it clear he would not shy away from taking executive action to help ensure the citizenship question is included on the 2020 census.

While speaking to reporters from the White House last week, the president made it clear an executive order was still on the table.

About a month ago, the Supreme Court ruled against including the question, which the president has slammed citing it as an effort to undercount minorities.  

The move comes as the Trump administration has made it clear it will push to find legal grounds to include the question in the 2020 census claiming it a necessity for districting purposes.

The president has also emphasized transparency is key to unveil just how many citizens are living in the United States.

Despite the push to include the question, officials have already started to print the census without the citizenship question.

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