Report: POTUS May Remove Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

According to a new report, President Trump may be considering ousting Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross as early as this summer.

President Trump is reportedly considering removing Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross from his post after efforts to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census fell flat.

According to an NBC report released Monday, the president has been considering his removal which could take place as early as this summer.

President Trump is reportedly not satisfied with Ross leading the Census Bureau and has discussed the possibility of letting his go with top aides and other officials.

Just last week, President Trump announced he would attempt to receive citizenship data through government agencies instead of placing a question on the upcoming 2020 census.

In June, the Supreme Court issued a ruling prohibiting the Trump administration from including a citizenship question.

This comes as the president has emphasized the importance of including it for districting purposes.

The president has also supposedly been frustrated with Ross over trade negotiations with China, which have yet to reach a consensus.

The report continues by suggesting trade deals he has discussed with Chinese officials have generally been seen as weak by many within the cabinet.

The White House has not yet weighed in on the report, and it remains unclear who would replace Ross in the event he is ousted.

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