Southern Border Apprehensions Fall 28% During June

According to preliminary data released by the Department of Homeland Security, apprehensions at the southern border fell by 28% in June.

Border apprehensions fall for the month of June as President Trump continues his hardline stance on securing the southern border.

The Department of Homeland Security released the preliminary data indicating apprehensions dropped almost 30% from the month of May.

There were around 95,500 people apprehended at the southern border during June, and 132,887 during May.

The number of family units apprehended at the southern border also fell significantly in the month of June coming in at around 57,300 family units.

During the month of May, there were over 84,500 family units apprehended at the border.  

The number of apprehended unaccompanied minors also fell by around 4,000 during the month of June.

This data comes as President Trump signed a bipartisan border security bill on Monday, allocating $4.6 billion to provide much needed resources for border officials.

The president touted the bill which was originally passed by the Senate while the House sculpted its own version.

President Trump made it clear, before the Senate version passed, he would veto the lower chamber’s version citing it as potentially undermining American safety.

The move comes about a week after Mexico sent 15,000 troops to the border in an effort to mitigate the growing influx of illegal immigration.

During the bill signing on Monday, President Trump praised the Mexican government for its recent efforts in mitigating the humanitarian crisis.

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