White House Unveils New Immigration Proposal Amid Border Crisis

President Trump unveiled a new immigration bill during a cabinet meeting on Tuesday in an effort to make immigration procedures more merit-based.

President Trump unveiled a new immigration and border security bill as the crisis at the southern border continues.

The president disclosed the bill during his cabinet meeting on Tuesday which would reportedly reform immigration procedures to make them more merit-based.

The bill has 10 GOP senators as co-sponsors and was sculpted in conjunction with over two dozen Republican Senate offices.

Some GOP lawmakers in the lower chamber were involved in the drafting process as well.

The plan reportedly would bolster border security, solidify asylum procedures, and prioritize entry for skilled immigrants over individuals lacking those skills.

The proposal also allots for a federal system called E-Verify which would confirm if potential employees are legally allowed to work in the United States.

The bill reportedly does not address DACA recipients or individuals shielded by Temporary Protected Status.

President Trump was expected to meet with GOP lawmakers on Tuesday to discuss the proposal in further detail.

It remains unclear when and if the bill will be introduced on Capitol Hill.

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