Report: Ivanka Trump Discussing Gun Reform with Lawmakers

A report surfaced Tuesday suggesting White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump has been discussing gun reform with various lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

President Trump’s senior adviser Ivanka Trump is reportedly working with various lawmakers to discuss gun reform efforts following two mass shootings which took the lives of over 30 people in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

An Axios report surfaced Tuesday indicating Ivanka has been creating a dialogue with lawmakers in an effort to find common ground in reforming firearm laws.

According to that report, Ivanka called Senator Joe Manchin just days ago to get a better understanding of his vision for gun reform.

The pair allegedly discussed which bills are currently on the table and how to ensure measures will advance.

Manchin introduced a bill back in 2013 following the Sandy Hook tragedy, which would require background checks for nearly all gun sales.

Ivanka tweeted earlier this month calling on Congress to enact red flag laws as a nationwide push for the legislation continues to gain steam.

The president’s daughter also took to Instagram to vocalize her position saying, “You can strongly support and defend the 2nd Amendment while calling for these common sense, and long-overdue reforms.”

Red flag laws restrict certain individuals from having guns who are believed to pose a serious risk to themselves or others. 

The restriction is a temporary order and usually only specific people can ask the court for an extreme risk protection order, which is usually only three weeks at the longest. 

The person targeted by the order does have an opportunity to respond, and depending on the circumstances, the court is able to issue a more permanent restriction. 

Congress is expected to debate both the background check measure and red flag laws in early September.

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