Hong Kong Airport Shuts Down Amid Ongoing Civil Unrest

Hong Kong International Airport shuts down on Monday as pro-democracy demonstrations take over the main terminal, affecting thousands of flights.

The Hong Kong airport shuts down as the ongoing pro-democracy demonstrations across the area take root at the airport’s main terminal.

The airport shutdown on Monday, and only flights already boarding and in the process of landing at the time were permitted to continue using the runways.

The airport released a statement saying the protests “seriously disrupted” airport operations and thousands of flights would be canceled throughout the day.

China has since reacted to the ongoing protests calling them an “existential threat” to the population of Hong Kong.

Beijing also suggested the demonstrations categorizing the recent escalation are a form of terrorism as experts say it is unlikely the unrest will subside anytime soon.

This comes just days after the State Department issued a level two travel advisory for Hong Kong citing massive civil unrest as violent political clashes and demonstrations continue to plague the area.

The advisory suggested those traveling to Hong Kong should avoid the protests and exercise caution during the visit.

Protests have been ongoing within Hong Kong for weeks and erupted back in June over controversy surrounding an extradition bill.

Protestors have taken to the streets for weeks worried about potential unfair treatment and even torture if criminals are extradited to China.

The protests have called for the resignation of Chief Executive Carrie Lam and called for probes looking into alleged police brutality amid the civil unrest.

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