Hong Kong Leader Denies Losing Control Amid Ongoing Civil Unrest

Hong Kong's Carrie Lam denied losing control on Tuesday after another weekend of violent pro-democracy clashes and calls for her resignation.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam denies having lost control despite ongoing pro-democracy demonstrations which turned violent again over the weekend.

Lam made those remarks Tuesday saying, “I wouldn’t say that my government has lost control. Day in and day out, we are not only supporting the law enforcement bodies, we are also acting responsibly to deal with other issues that have arisen.”

She went on to reaffirm her commitment to her role in leading Hong Kong, despite heightened calls for her resignation.

The protests first erupted back in June over an extradition bill, which is now off the table, that would have sent suspects to China for trial.

Protestors claim they were worried those suspects would be subject to torture and may not receive fair trials.

Thousands have taken to the streets since, calling for Lam’s resignation and probes into alleged police brutality.

The protests started out as peaceful and eventually escalated into violent clashes between protestors and law enforcement.

In response, Lam eventually suspended the extradition legislation back in July hoping the protests would subside.

Lam’s remarks come just weeks after hundreds of demonstrators flooded the main terminal at the Hong Kong International Airport prompting hundreds of flight cancellations.

The airport was closed for two days amid the civil unrest, which the Chinese government has suggested could be categorized as a form of terrorism.

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