POTUS: Bipartisan Background Check Discussion Underway in Congress

President Trump announced on Friday a bipartisan discussion surrounding background checks for gun sales is already underway on Capitol Hill.

President Trump says a dialogue surrounding background checks on gun sales has already begun among both Republicans and Democrats as the nation continues to recover from a recent string of mass shootings.

The president made the remarks via twitter on Friday saying, “I have also been speaking to the NRA, and others, so that their very strong views can be fully represented and respected.”

President Trump continued by saying those who suffer from certain mental illnesses or those seriously disturbed should not be allowed to possess firearms.

The president also mentioned he remains a huge supporter of second amendment rights, but something needs to be done to ensure no more lives are put at risk.

President Trump has indicated he may support red flag laws to ensure guns are not in the hands of those who pose a serious risk to themselves or others.

Red flag laws restrict individuals from having guns who are believed to pose a serious risk to themselves or others.

The restriction is a temporary order and usually only specific people can ask the court for an extreme risk protection order, which is usually only three weeks at the longest.

The person targeted by the order does have an opportunity to respond, and depending on the circumstances, the court is able to issue a more permanent restriction.

It remains unclear how much the federal government would award states for enacting the laws since the proposal is still in progress.

Meanwhile, certain tech companies are meeting with senior White House officials on Friday to discuss ways to deter violence and mass shootings.  

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