POTUS, FLOTUS to Head to France for Annual G7 Summit

President Trump and the First Lady will depart the White House on Friday to head to France for the annual G7 summit over the weekend.

President Trump kicks off the weekend early by heading to France to attend the 2019 G7 summit with various world leaders.

The president and First Lady are expected to be wheels up Friday night to meet with world counterparts for the 45th annual summit, which will take place in Biarritz over the weekend.

French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will also be attendance.

The summit includes a series of dinners, presentations, meetings, addressing various topics throughout the summit including trade, foreign policy, and climate change.

This comes just days after President Trump suggested Russia should be readmitted to the annual summit saying, “A lot of the things we talk about have to do with Russia.”

The president mentioned it would be better to have direct communication with President Vladimir Putin in person during the live discussions.

Russia was kicked out of the G7 summit back in 2014 after it annexed Crimea, but other world leaders have joined President Trump in the call to readmit Putin.

Macron has reportedly echoed this call, agreeing with President Trump saying Russia should be present at the next summit in 2020.

Putin has signaled he would be happy to rejoin the annual summit and would even host his counterparts in Moscow.  

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