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POTUS to Welcome Romanian President to White House

President Trump is set to welcome the Romanian president to the White House on Tuesday to discuss a wide array of issues including security and energy.

President Trump is set to welcome the president of Romania to the White House in an effort to enhance bilateral ties between the nations.

The president will meet with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis Tuesday with several key topics on the table including energy, security, visas for Romanians entering the U.S., and Iohannis’ upcoming reelection campaign.

The meeting will reportedly commemorate the end of communism in Romania and the 15th anniversary of Romania’s involvement in NATO.

President Trump is expected to encourage the Romanian president to move toward energy independence decreasing its dependency on Russian gas.

Currently, Romania depends almost exclusively on Russia for energy which is why the president is expected to encourage the nation to branch out.

Regarding security, the pair is expected to address its strategic partnership within NATO and Romania’s defense spending within the pact.

President Iohannis is also likely to notify President Trump of the nation’s willingness to send additional troops to Afghanistan.

Some reports claim President Iohannis will also be asking President Trump for his blessing before he seeks reelection in November.

Other topics likely to be addressed during the visit include American investment within Romania and the economic relationship with the United States.

Iohannis is expected to invite President Trump to visit Romania sometime soon.


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