Pres. Trump Contemplates Ending Birthright Citizenship

President Trump said he is very "seriously" contemplating ending birthright citizenship, while speaking to reporters on Wednesday.

President Trump contemplates an executive order ending birthright citizenship in the administration’s latest push to secure the border and mitigate the growing influx of illegal immigration.

The president made the remarks while speaking to reporters on Wednesday saying he and White House officials are “very seriously” looking into the idea.

President Trump continued by saying, “Birthright citizenship, where you have a baby on our land — walk over the border, have a baby, congratulations, the baby’s now a U.S. citizen.”

This comes just one day after the White House announced a new rule which would allow families to be detained together in good conditions while awaiting legal proceedings.

The new guideline also, according to the White House, reverses the Flores Settlement loophole so that human traffickers can no longer exploit children to gain entry to the United States.

The rule makes it harder for smugglers to profit off of child exploitation, which many individuals engage in to ensure access into the United States.

According to the White House, fake family units have often arrived at ports of entry thus taking advantage of the Flores loophole while seeking admission to the country.

Currently, families can only be held for 20 days while awaiting legal proceedings and following that time period they are often released.

Under the Flores Settlement, children in custody are released after 20 days and are able to visit family members and can gain access to medical care.

The new rule aims to detain families together while ending the “catch and release” system currently in place.

There will also reportedly be a universal, national standard for detention housing as well, according to a Daily Caller report.

According to the White House, there has been a 300% spike in family unit apprehensions at the southern border since last fiscal year.

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