WH Expected to Unveil Immigration Rule Addressing Catch and Release

The Trump administration is expected to unveil immigration rules aimed at curbing catch and release policies as the crisis at the southern border continues.

The White House is expected to unveil new immigration guidelines ultimately aiming to curb the “catch and release” policies enabling the influx of illegal immigration.

According to reports, the Trump administration is expected to reverse the Flores Settlement, which currently allows illegal immigrants to be released from federal custody after 20 days.

Currently, families can only be held for 20 days while awaiting legal proceedings and following that time period they can be released.

Under the Flores Settlement, children in custody are released after 20 days and are able to visit family members and can gain access to medical care.

The new rule aims to detain families together while ending the “catch and release” system currently in place.

According to the Daily Caller, there will also be a universal, national standard for detention housing as well.

This comes just over a month after President Trump unveiled a new immigration proposal from the Rose Garden which strives to rework the current system to be more merit-based.

The plan reportedly would bolster border security, solidify asylum procedures, and prioritize entry for skilled immigrants over individuals lacking those skills. 

The proposal also allots for a federal system called E-Verify which would confirm if potential employees are legally allowed to work in the United States.

The bill reportedly does not address DACA recipients or individuals shielded by Temporary Protected Status.

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