CA Judge Blocks Law Requiring POTUS to Release Tax Returns

A federal judge blocked a California law Thursday which would have required President Trump to release his tax returns or lose a spot on the primary ballot.

A federal judge in California Thursday granted the Trump campaign’s request to block a new law that requires presidential and gubernatorial candidates to release five years of tax returns to run in the state’s primary elections. 

The law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, in July would have left the sitting president off of the ballot in California’s March 2020 primary unless he submitted five years’ worth of his tax returns by a Nov. 26 deadline, the Los Angeles Times reported. Under SB 27, Trump would be included on the general election ballot in November 2020. Oppoenents of the law argue depressed GOP voter turnout in the primary could discourage voters from showing up to vote for the president in the main race. 

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