POTUS Names Hostage Negotiator Next National Security Advisor

President Trump tapped Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs Robert O'Brien on Wednesday to be the next national security advisor.

President Trump announces current Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs, Robert O’Brien, will be the next national security advisor under the Trump administration.

The president made that announcement Wednesday via twitter saying, “I am pleased to announce that I will name Robert C. O’Brien, currently serving as the very successful Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs at the State Department, as our new National Security Advisor. I have worked long & hard with Robert. He will do a great job!”

President Trump has touted O’Brien’s efforts to secure the release of American hostages and even called him “the greatest hostage negotiator in our history” back in March following the release of an American detained in Yemen.

President Trump’s announcement comes just days after former National Security Advisor John Bolton stepped down after the president reportedly asked him to submit his resignation.

According to the president, Bolton was fired over foreign policy disagreements, although Bolton denies this claim saying he voluntarily stepped down.

As Special Presidential Envoy for hostage Affairs, O’Brien has been responsible for handling talks to secure the release of Americans detained or held hostage abroad.

He ultimately had a hand in securing the release of rapper A$AP Rocky who was held in Sweden on assault charges.

Although the American rapper was found guilty by a Swedish court, he did not have to serve time behind bars, and ultimately returned to the United States at the beginning of August.

O’Brien does not need to be confirmed by the Senate to hold this position.

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