Bipartisan Study Debunks ‘Medicare-for-All’ Funding Plan

A bipartisan watchdog released a report Monday claiming universal health coverage would not be fiscally possible through only raising taxes on the wealthy.

A bipartisan budget watchdog released a report Monday detailing options for how the federal government could pay for “Medicare-for-all,” the health care plan popular with 2020 Democratic presidential contenders — and its findings show there would be no way to fund the expanded health program by simply raising taxes on the rich.

The report, published by the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, examines a variety of potential ways to raise the estimated $30 trillion over 10 years necessary to fund “Medicare-for-all,” including a 32 percent payroll tax, a 25 percent income surtax and a 42 percent value-added tax. These methods could all raise $30 trillion, the report says, but there is no way for the federal government to bring in that much money simply by taxing rich people.

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