Hong Kong Police Confront Protesters Following Violent Weekend Clashes

Hong Kong authorities confronted demonstrators Monday just one day after pro-democracy protests turned violent over the weekend, leaving dozens injured.

Authorities in Hong Kong confront pro-demoncracy demonstrators just one day after violent clashes broke out between demonstrators and police, and left around two dozen people wounded.

Hong Kong police confronted the protesters Monday in the Yuen Long district as people gathered to remember the three-month anniversary of “an assault by more than 100 men on protesters, commuters and journalists.”

The incident happened back in July, and protesters have grown increasingly angry over the slow police response after the attack at the Hong Kong metro.

Officials continued to warn protesters on Monday they would resort to tear gas if those involved did not comply with police demands.

This comes just one day after thousands of protesters took to the streets participating in the pro-democracy movement, which turned violent quickly.

According to the Associated Press, demonstrators threw firebombs during the rally, which prompted authorities to respond with tear gas in an effort to disperse the crowds.

Reports suggest over 30 people have been arrested and another six people have been charged in connection with the weekend escalation.

The protestors held U.S. flags as they continued their demands of launching probes into police brutality.

Demonstrations first erupted back in June over an extradition bill that would have sent suspects to China for trial, though this has since been taken off the table.

Protestors claim they were worried those suspects would be subject to torture and may not receive fair trials.

Thousands have taken to the streets since, calling for leader Carrie Lam’s resignation and probes into alleged police brutality.

In response, Lam eventually suspended the extradition legislation back in July hoping the protests would subside. 

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