Hong Kong Protestor Shot Amid Ongoing Civil Unrest

Hong Kong police shot a protestor Tuesday as the months-long civil unrest surrounding the pro-democracy push continues to plague the area.

Hong Kong authorities shot a teen protestor as the once peaceful pro-democracy demonstrations continue to escalate into violent clashes.

The protestor was shot in the chest with live ammunition on Tuesday near the Tsuen Wan area of the New Territories, on the same day China celebrates 70 years of its founding.

Officials released a statement regarding the incident saying, “A large group of rioters was attacking police officers in Tsuen Wan. Police officers warned them, but they were still attacking police. A police officer’s life was seriously endangered. In order to save his and other officers’ lives, they fired at the attacker.”

According to The Guardian, at least 51 people have been injured as a result of Tuesday’s violent clashes with at least two in serious condition and another two in critical condition.

Children as young as 11 and adults as old as 75 were among those wounded.

Demonstrations have been ongoing for four months, and began peacefully but eventually evolved into more violent clashes with police.

The protests first erupted back in June over an extradition bill that would have sent suspects to China for trial, though this has since been taken off the table.

Protestors claim they were worried those suspects would be subject to torture and may not receive fair trials.

Thousands have taken to the streets since, calling for leader Carrie Lam’s resignation and probes into alleged police brutality.

In response, Lam eventually suspended the extradition legislation back in July hoping the protests would subside. 

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