House Votes to Table Resolution Condemning Rep. Adam Schiff

The House voted along partisan lines on Monday to table a resolution censuring Rep. Adam Schiff over his handling of the recent impeachment push.

The House votes to table a resolution condemning Rep. Adam Schiff of how he has handled the recent impeachment push targeting President Trump.

The lower chamber rejected the measure Monday night in a 218 to 185 vote, strictly along partisan lines.

Rep. Andy Biggs introduced the censure resolution last week in response to Schiff’s exaggerated account of a phone call between President Trump and the president of Ukraine.

President Trump took to twitter to thank his GOP colleagues in the lower chamber saying, “Thank you Republicans. 185 out of 185 present voted for “US” last night. Really good!”

The president has repeatedly slammed Schiff for his embellished illustration of the phone call, although Schiff claims it was meant to mirror a parody.

Rep. Andy Biggs weighed in on the vote via twitter saying, “Adam Schiff may not have been held accountable tonight, but the American people are very much aware of his reckless disregard for the truth.”

Congressman Biggs continued, “They will not tolerate his calculated words and actions as he continues his secret impeachment inquiry to undermine the will of Americans.”

A series of Republican lawmakers have criticized Schiff and other Democrats for a lack of transparency surrounding the recent impeachment push.

This involves withholding certain documents and holding witness testimony only behind closed doors.

President Trump took to twitter earlier in the day on Monday voicing his support for the censure vote saying, “Censure (at least) Corrupt Adam Schiff! After what he got caught doing, any pol who does not so vote cannot be honest….are you listening Dems?”

The president has made it clear that what he dubs the “witch hunt,” or the impeachment push, will revitalize the GOP and secure a Republican win for the presidency, the House, and the Senate in 2020.

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