Report: DOJ Investigation of Origins of Russia Probe Turns Criminal

The investigation into the origins of the Russia probe has reportedly turned criminal, granting U.S. Attorney John Durham the ability to issue subpoenas and impanel a grand jury.

The Justice Department’s investigation of the origins of the Russia probe has reportedly turned into a criminal investigation, according to Fox News.

The report surfaced Thursday evening, suggesting John Durham, the U.S. attorney leading the probe, will now be able to issue subpoenas, impanel grand juries, and file federal charges.

According to the report, one of the sources claims the reasoning behind the change will be made clear after the Inspector General Michael Horowitz releases his report regarding alleged FISA abuses targeting the Trump campaign.

The IG report is expected to be made available to the public shortly with very few redactions.

On Thursday, Horowitz sent a letter Thursday lawmakers notifying them the report is nearing completion and will be released soon.

The letter reads, “Given the constructive progress that has been made during the classification review process, I do not now anticipate a need to prepare and issue separate classified and public versions of the report.”

The letter was obtained just one day after a report surfaced suggesting the probe into alleged FBI misconduct expanded after new evidence was uncovered.

According to the Fox News report, the investigation expanded after Attorney General William Barr traveled to Italy, and as a result, Durham reportedly became interested in interviewing former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former CIA Director John Brennan.

Barr assigned Durham to lead the probe back in May, to determine if surveillance efforts targeting the Trump campaign during the 2016 election were “lawful and appropriate.”

The probe addresses potential surveillance abuses of the Obama-era DOJ targeting Trump campaign officials, reportedly involving the FISA warrant granted to surveil Carter Page. 

During a recent CBS interview earlier this year, Barr clarified he has garnered more questions in connection with the origins of the Russia probe as the DOJ continues to piece together what happened and how it happened. 

Barr mentioned there seemed to be clear anti-Trump bias at the Obama-era DOJ, and he does believe spying occurred during the previous presidential election.

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