Report: Turkey Deports ISIS Militants from U.S., Germany, Denmark

According to an Associated Press report, Turkey has already started to deport captured ISIS fighters to their home countries, including the U.S., Germany, and Denmark.

Turkey has reportedly started deporting ISIS militants back to their home countries shortly after capturing them in northeastern Syria.

The Turkish interior spokesperson made the announcement Monday saying an ISIS militant from the U.S. was deported, and a German fighter and Danish fighter would follow suit shortly after, according to the Associated Press.

Seven additional ISIS fighters from Germany are expected to be deported later this week as the quest to return foreign militants to their home countries continues.

According to the Associated Press, Turkey is currently holding at least 1,200 foreign ISIS fighters in jails across the country, just weeks after it launched an offensive into northern Syria.

Despite many fighters being stripped of their home country’s citizenship, Ankara has made it clear it will deport them anyway while clarifying it is not a “hotel” for the captured jihadis.

Turkey has not yet disclosed how many ISIS militants will be sent back to their home countries, or what countries will be on the receiving end of the deportations.

Both Turkish and American officials have slammed their European counterparts in recent weeks for their lack of initiative in taking back the ISIS fighters which belong to their countries.

Just last month, President Trump announced he would be pulling U.S. forces from northern Syria, shortly before Turkey launched the long-planned offensive in the region.

The White House released a statement on the matter saying the United States it will not hold militants at the expense of American taxpayers, and now Turkey will be responsible for handling it. 

President Trump weighed in on this move by slamming his European counterparts for refusing to handle the trials of captured ISIS fighters, despite the fact many came from Europe.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is set to visit the White House on Wednesday, where the pair are expected to discuss Turkey’s recent purchase of the S-400, a Russian air defense system.

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