WH: POTUS Won’t Participate in House Judiciary Committee Hearing

The White House announced Sunday the president and his lawyers will not participate in the initial impeachment hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, scheduled for Wednesday.

The White House notifies the House Judiciary Committee President Trump and his lawyers will not participate in the upcoming impeachment hearing on Capitol Hill Wednesday.

White House counsel Pat Cipollone made the announcement in a letter to Chairman Jerry Nadler on Sunday night slamming the entire inquiry for its lack of fairness and due process.

Cipollone also accuses Nadler of “purposely” scheduling the hearing when President Trump will be in London participating in the NATO Leaders Meeting.

The letter slams the entire inquiry saying, “This baseless and highly partisan inquiry violates all past historical precedent, basic due process rights, and fundamental fairness.”

It also outlines how the entire process has been categorized by a lack of transparency by the Democrats, including how they have conducted a series of closed-door hearings and denied Republicans the ability to call witnesses.

Cipollone writes, “The President was not allowed to present evidence, to call witnesses, to cross examine witnesses, or even to see transcripts until weeks after testimony had been taken, and he was allowed absolutely no participation in the public hearings that followed.”

The hearings on Wednesday will reportedly only include academic professionals, not fact witnesses, who are expected to discuss whether President Trump has committed an impeachable offense regarding his interactions with Ukrainian officials.

Cipollone highlights in the letter the “initial hearing will include no fact witnesses at all,” and will only likely include discussion by a series of law professors.

The White House counsel also made it clear the letter only signifies the president and his lawyers will not be participating in the hearings on Wednesday, and future participation will be contingent upon due process and fairness.

Cipollone clarifies the only way participation in the future will even be a possibility is if fact witnesses are called, and Republicans are allowed to cross examine and call their own witnesses.

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