Antifa Strikes Again

by Libby Krieger

Antifa agitators caused a chaotic scene in Salem, Ore. on Sunday evening, leading to the arrest of three people.

The “heavily armed” crowd of about 200 people threw rocks and paint balloons at passing cars and trucks on the streets nearing the state capital, Fox 12 Portland reported.

Described as “an idea, not an organization” by President Joe Biden, Antifa came prepared with their flag, weapons and riot gear, according to videos and tweets from independent journalist Andy Ngo.

Police issued an audible warning to “exit the roadway and obey all laws.”

“Failure to do so may result in arrest. Stay on the sidewalks and exit the roadway,” they said.

Later, police declared “unlawful assembly” and formed a line near the Capitol.

The events occurred as a scheduled right-wing protest and an Antifa counter-protest was planned for the same day, reported Fox News.

Police arrested a man who pulled out a gun in response to his truck being smashed.

Who knew “an idea” could cause so much damage?

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K Gross March 29, 2021 - 8:49 am

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