The Pressure to Vaccinate

by Libby Krieger

Over a year after the “15 days to slow the spread” lie, the Biden Administration is relaying Americans may finally be able to take off the masks, that is, only if they are fully vaccinated from COVID-19.

The Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) released guidelines Tuesday for the loosening up of masking for fully vaccinated Americans.

To be considered fully vaccinated, one must be two weeks past their second shot of Pfizer or Moderna or two weeks past the one shot of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The guidelines say that vaccinated Americans may be outside mask-less, unless in a crowded space. However, they still recommend masks for indoor public settings, even while being vaccinated.

Mask freedom is not the only incentive that is now being offered to push vaccination. Countries in the European Union (E.U.) may start allowing vaccinated Americans to travel this summer.

“Because one thing is clear: All 27 member states will accept, unconditionally, all those who are vaccinated with vaccines that are approved by E.M.A,” said Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission. The E.M.A., or European Medical Association, has approved all three vaccines that have been administered in the United States (Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson).

President Joe Biden reiterated this pressure to get the vaccine, saying,” For those who haven’t gotten it, this is another good reason to get vaccinated. It’s about saving your life [and the lives] of those around you; it’s about getting back to normal life.” 

Both the United States and the E.U. are providing incentives and putting pressure on Americans to get vaccinated, which may be enough for the many who crave normalcy.

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