Biden Approval Rating Falls

by Alex Caldwell

President Biden falling down the stairs of Air Force One is not the only thing that has fallen in past weeks. Recent polling suggests that Biden’s popularity among Americans is on the decline. When seen at face value, many polls show Biden with a high approval rating. Reuters, for instance, shows Biden with a 59% approval rating. However, polls such as this one grossly oversample more Democrats than Republicans. This Reuters poll polled 8% more Democrats than Republicans. Assuming that 100% of Democrats approve of Biden and 100% of Republicans disapprove of Biden, his actual approval rating would be 51%. Former President Trump’s approval rating among Republicans stayed at 95% during his term in office. Thus, it is safe to say that at least 95% of Republicans view Biden unfavorably.

Despite constant praise from the mainstream media, Biden does not have the same loyalty from his supporters that Trump had from his. A report from the Media Research Center shows that one in six Biden voters regret their vote. Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King expressed his disappointment of Biden on Twitter, expressing his outrage regarding Biden’s neglect of the southern border crisis.

Union leaders who worked the Keystone XL Pipeline that had endorsed Biden have since shown their regret after Biden’s decision to cancel the pipeline, eliminating thousands of union workers’ jobs. The Black Lives Matter organization has shown their disappointment in Biden for not taking a meeting with them, saying that “For the newly elected administration (that ran on promises of racial justice) to ignore our ongoing request to meet with them and refuse us a seat at the table is demeaning to our movement.”

President Joe Biden signs executive order cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline (Credit: Evan Vucci/AP)

Biden’s approval could bounce back over the next four years, but he will have many old wounds to heal before that happens.

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