The People Want Voter ID

by Libby Krieger

You’ve probably heard the mainstream media promulgate the narrative that voter ID laws are Republican-led voter suppression laws. This narrative is simply that: a talking point floating around the liberal media’s echo-chamber.

A recent poll from Rasmussen Reports indicates that support for voter identification legislation has increased since 2018, from 67 percent to 75 percent now.

Of the three-quarters of Americans who support voter ID requirements, 89 percent were Republicans and 60 percent were Democrats.

Democrats have spent months scolding Americans on the true meaning of democracy. Because President Joe Biden is in the oval office, therefore “democracy has prevailed,” according to Biden himself in his inauguration speech.

Not only is this claim factually incorrect, as the United States of America is a constitutional republic rather than a direct democracy, but Democrats don’t even believe it. If they did, the resounding popular support for voter ID laws would mean something to them, but it doesn’t.

The main argument the left pushes against voter ID is that it suppresses minority vote. Then why do minorities largely support it?

Of Black Americans, 69 percent support showing photo identification before voting while 82 percent of other minorities support the requirements.

If voter ID was really “Jim Crow on steroids,” as President Biden recently claimed about the Georgia legislation, Black Americans would not support it in the numbers they do.

A video from Media Research Center compiles the many times that the progressive media has likened voter ID requirements to the deliberate suppression of the vote. Click here to watch.

While certain cold medicines require photo identification to purchase, the sacrosanct right and duty of American citizens to vote, does not.

Listen to the people and require voter ID.

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